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Księga gości

Among other buildings on the street, this little palace at Lipowa 35 stands out. It comes from beginning of XX century and belonged to Chaim Nowik, Białystok great owner of the biggest and newest at that time cloth and hat manufacture in the city.

On the opposite side of the street with even numbers, a nice tenement house with balcony stands. The balcony is held by caryatids and the building comes from the end of XIX century. It belonged to self-terrestrial authorities – commonly called “nobility house”.

Both this and next building belonged to a rich Białystok trader Jankiel Rozenberg. On the ground floor you could find shops and surgeries of Rozenberg’s son and his wife. Building to the side had a 4-year School for Boys with Extended Study Programme.

Church – Monument of Independence – is located on St. Roch hill in place of chapel from XVIII century and catholic cemetery from 1839. In February 1925 Vilnius’ current bishop Jerzy Matulewicz called for Adam Abramowicz priest to take care of this newly formed parish of St. Roch.

The first owner of the three-storey representative building was a Jewish entrepreneur Szeftel Ginzburg. Hotel “Metropol” was located in it and after his death the building was inherited by his son Karol.

The chapel is located on Magdalene Hill. This is one of seven hills that nowadays Białystok is placed on. Analogy to “the eternal city” is not accidental. St. Mary Magdalene hill sometimes called “Magdalenka” is currently situated in city centre, but before the chapel was built it was outside the city as a view place.

Between the “Magdalenka” hill and central park emerges the block of Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Arts Centre. Construction began after many efforts in spring 2006 and finished in 2012.

Białystok Puppet Theatre exists since 1953 when a group of puppeteers under Piotr Sawicki’s leadership received state subsidy. Since then theatre – as a professional stage – works without interruption, preparing with each season 3 to 5 new plays using many different puppeteer techinques (puppet, hand puppet, rod puppet, marionette, art forms

At Univerisity Square 1 a building draws most of the attention as it is an example of monumental socialist realism from 1952 designed by Stanisław Bukowski who was responsible for Białystok’s after war reconstruction.

Monumentalny zlokalizowany w Parku centralnym od strony Placu Uniwersyteckiego odsłonięty w 1975 r. obecnie największy gabarytowo pomnik w Białymstoku.