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Księga gości

The description of Białystok from XVIII century was taken from a diary of a certain Courland (today’s Latvia) traveller, Fryderyk Szulc. He got to Białystok in 1793 and described it: “A town that I just came to after sixteen miles of journey is the freshest and most beautiful sight so far, it is in Podlachia region.

Podlachia Versailles was known in entire Poland. Beautiful balls, charming ladies, rich choice of beverages and exotic dishes with a Venetian gondola cruising the canals and dwarf jumping from pate. Feasts at Branicki were amazing the Saxon king himself,

Jan Klemens Branicki III (1689-1771) was one of the richest and characteristic characters of XVIII century Republic. His vast wealth were very vast and located on Podlachia, Lesser Poland and Russian voivodeship.

In Israel there is a settlement called Kiriat Bialystok. It was founded after Second World War those who miraculously managed to survive holocaust. Spread all across the globe Białystok Jews gathered money to build a neighbourhood where in 1950 first Białystok survivors settled.