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Księga gości

One of Białystok Streets was not so long ago named after Stanisław Bukowski. It is a small street coming from Warszawska Street in direction of Skorupy district. Street is rather small but the merits of Stanisław Bukowski for Białystok are enormous, almost at every step we will find his projects

Let’s start with the fact that polish people should be proud of their cuisine because it is something to be proud of. It’s worth to remember grandma’s recipes, because the tastes of childhood stay with us for entire life.

Podlachia cuisine is the cuisine that was made in the nationality mosaic and historical turmoil. Sometimes common opinion about Podlachia cuisine is based on few dishes like potato sasuges, potato cake and pyzy.

The history of the fountain starts in 1892, the time that Białystok waterworks were created. As the first fountain in the city, it quickly became Białystok’s people favourite so much that in about eight years after its creation, in 1900 it was decided to additionally decorate it.

The fountain existed already in the interwar period as a ground tank. In 60’s it was modernised and for central harvest festival celebration in 1973 colour reflectors and controlled sprinkler system were installed.

Fontanna wybudowana w 1998 r. Konstrukcja żelbetowa, płyta denna i bortnice marmurowe, pojemność niecki – ok. 2 m3. W centralnym punkcie niecki znajduje się rzeźba w kształcie walca z obracającą się kulą o średnicy 0,7 m. Fontanna pracuje w obiegu zamkniętym przy zastosowaniu jednej pompy.

This fountain is a good example of good urban space planning. Around new fountain plants have been planted. Białystok citizens wandering in the surroundings stop by curious about the original square.

Podlachia has something unique, what you won’t find in other regions of Poland – that is indescribable nostalgia, spirit warming atmosphere. Whenever we go for a bike hike or walk on foot we can experience those feelings.

(Polski) Ludwik Łazarz Zamenhof – twórca liqvo internacia urodził się 15 grudnia 1859 roku w Białymstoku. Ludwik wychowywał się w atmosferze wielonarodowościowej i wielokulturowej wśród Polaków, Rosjan Żydów i Niemców.

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