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Aleksander Węgierka’s Drama theatre


Construction of the building on Old Park grounds was began by Marian Zyndram-Kościałkowskiego’s initiative. He was a former białystok’s province governor, minister and prime minister in Second Polish Republic. Project was prepared by Jarosław Girin – an architect from Warsaw.
Construction was performed in 1933-1938 by Białystok’s construction company “Mur” owned by Józef Zaczeniuk, under Józef Seredyński lead – another architect from Warsaw. City’s president Seweryn Nowakowski was also major contributor. Originaly it was supposed to be a “Marshal Józef Piłsudski’s Folk House” with library, reading room, theatre room and rooms for educational organisations. However during construction it was decided that the building will serve as theatre alone. The result of the construction was the layout of surrounding gardens. The first major change in landscape was the long alley with rows of poplars leading to square in front of the building with pond on the entrance axis. Interior was made in cooperation with Stefan Batory University in Vilnius graduate – Stanisław Stolarczyk. Representative room was decorated with Marshal Józef Piłsudski bust, made from bronze by Henryk Kuna – sculpture professor from Vilnius University.

The inside was described by authors of guide from 1939: “Audience’s space practically solve, perfect acoustics. Seats very comfortable because no matter where you sit, you will always see the stage.”
During the war, due to missile explosion dressing and machinery rooms were destroyed together with rotational stage brought from Sweden. After necessary fixes were done, building was reopened in 1948. In 1987-1989 building was expanded and its original concept changed. During recent renovation some pre-war sgraffitos were found probably by Piotr Sawicki.