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Księga gości

The history of the fountain starts in 1892, the time that Białystok waterworks were created. As the first fountain in the city, it quickly became Białystok’s people favourite so much that in about eight years after its creation, in 1900 it was decided to additionally decorate it. And so in the centre spot, on a platform a sculpture of three young men was put. They were symbols of music, agriculture and fishery. In years 1962-63 the fountain was moved to the wooded in 50’s square in front of city hall on western part of Kościuszki square. In 1996 a bold thief stole the sculpture that crowned the fountain and was never found.
In 2000-2002 a new trough for the fountain was built, relating in its shape to XIX century original. It waterworks was crowned with a bronze copy of the sculpture. Due to thorough reconstruction of the square, the fountain was move to the other side of the city hall.
In 2009 fountain was taken down and moved to its original spot. It was modernised; new filters and pumps were installed. The fountain works in a closed circulation with the use of two pumps. Construction from reinforced concrete was clad with sandstone, the trough has a diameter of 7 meters. Central spot holds a bronze sculpture, a perfect copy of original sculpture.