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Kamienica ul. Kilińskiego 15

kamienica kilinskiego15

This beautiful white townhouse with black balconies was built by the end of XIX century for białystok’s most known dentist – doctor Abram Jossem. Jossem family was Białystok’s “dentist dynasty” as his wife was also dentist as well as his all 3 sons. Abram Jossem was part of Białystok’s elite, a councilman and cofounder of Białystok Volunteer Fire Brigade. Part of the building was used as rented apartments. House hosted many famous tenants, Białystok elite from Kiliński Street.
This elegant building was also headquarters of St. Pertersburg – Tula Land Bank – main investor for “Ritz” Hotel. Other businesses included: Szejman Lombard, Stamp making company, Salomon Ginzburg application office, “Życie Białostockie” (Białystok’s life) redaction and many smaller companies. Currently exclusive Aristo hotel is located there.