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Księga gości

Książnica Podlaska ul. Kilińskiego 16

The history of the current building reaches the the beginning of XIX century. At that time house builder Chrystian Samuel Hoenigke, leased the square from catholic parish with building of a guest house in mind. During Branicki’s times a coach house was located here next to ballet school and riding. Only after several years later the building become the seat of “Zum Golden Ring” lodge and Jakub Feliks de Michelis was its leader for many years.
The lodge was working until World War II with slight breaks. Antoni Wilhelm von L’Estoq was the first chairman and founder.
Izabella Branicka’s beloved colonel Andrzej Mokronowski was one of the members. Białystok Lodge history reaches up to 1770.
Quite often the building is called “the lodge” most likely due to the fact that its owner was in 1817-1821 an active member of Vilnius lodges and the building was used as guest house for Prussian Camera.
Building’s façade stands out among other buildings with its classicist details. Façade with ionic pilaster and Greek meander shaped frieze alludes to Greek classic architecture. The building is covered with hipped roof.