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Księga gości


Łosinka – a village, which basically is no different from any other on Podlachia. The focus is however on wooden orthodox church seen on the right side of road. It’s one of the pearls on podlschia sacral architecture route. Charming wooden church of St. Jacob the Apostol was built in place of earlier one from XVIII century. Earlier temple turned out to be too small and in 1882-1886 a bigger one was built in its place. 1490 wooden balls were used from nearby Ladzka Forest. A wide structure was made with decoration porch and blue painted roofs and domes.
There are two versions of story about temple’s founders – one says, that first church was consecrated in 1778 and just moved here from Nowoberezewo, the other says that the first temple here was founded by hetman’s wife – Izabela Branicka, the fouder as people say “very noble in actions” and never closing ears to any pleas.
Old orthodox church was moved to cementer as cemetery church of St. George and fuctions till this day. Current temple was renovated multiple times. Both objects are signed in the registery of objects of cultural heritage in Poland: orthodox church of St. Jacob the Apostol, son of Alfeusz along with small necropolis nearby.
Current orthodox church of St. Jacob in Łosinka is a wooden building of log structure, built on latin cross plan, what can mean that earlier it was an Uniate church oriented with main altar part toward east, with typical division to vestibule, nave and altar part separated from nave with icon wall – three-row iconostas. Above the central part of temple is a visible from far away cylinder with onion dome. There are two entrances leading to temple bot covered with stylish porches. Above vestibule is an octagonal tower with pyramidal onion dome, roof is covered with plate.