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Księga gości

One day long, long ago, at the side of the lake beautiful Wingryna sat. She was the daughter of Wigry fisherman and loved the lake very much. She liked to sit on the side and look into the water. It was already an evening. Wingryna with happiness looked at diving grebes. She noticed a boat sailing towards monastery peninsula. Suddenly a thunder could be heard, a storm was coming. The sky turned dark, brighten only from time to time by lightning. The lake turned dangerous with strong winds. The girl with anxiety stared at the small shell of the boat thrown to the sides by tall waves. Will the rowing man manage to get to the safer bay before some taller wave fall over his boat? Before next thunder silenced, the worst happened. On Wingryna’s eyes very tall wave came and turned the boat upside down. She saw the man fell out. His white robe told her that it was Wigry monk. He started to swim towards the land but as he got closer his strength would leave him.

Wet clothes pulled him down to the bottom. Wingryna without thought run to her father’s boat nearby. She was a handy rower and she could fight the waves. Quickly she reached the monk, who fought for his life with last strength. She grabbed him by his hands and with great difficulty pulled him back to the boat. It was brother Fabian, the youngest of monks – eager herb gatherer. On their way back he regained his strength and left the boat on his own. When he looked in her eyes their sights met and hearts beat faster. Even though they didn’t say a word, just that sight created a feeling unknown to them until now.

Since that day young monk though more of young Wingryna than contemplation and prayers. Wingryna as well could not forget yonng man. Every afternoon she sailed to the walls of monastery from Czarna Hańcza side. And every afternoon her loved one would stay there, sending her missing sight. This innocent meetings was noticed by older monks and prior instantly was notified. He convicted young kameduli to separation in church’s tower. The room was dark and cold, without the view on the lake. Poor brother Fabian, was dying from longing until one day he gave his soul to the God. Fleeting soul hit church’s bell. Wingryna heard the sound and understood that her loved one died. She fell into despair and followed him soon after.

After this event on the lake an island appeared on the lake overgrown with silver birch., which was named Birch Islet. Here in August nights lovers appoint their meetings. Prior curse causes that the storm comes to the lake and the meeting is never happening. It will happen until Wigry Lake will witness a couple that love’s is greater than of Wingryna and monk