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Księga gości

Main seat – City Hall

Rynek Kościuszki 10,

15-426 Białystok

tel. (0 – 85) 74-214-73, tel./fax. (0 – 85) 74-214-40,



Podlaskie Museum in Białystok is the biggest museum in podlaskie voivodeship. Currently there are eight facilities composing the Podlaskie Museum in Białystok. In 1949 following the order of Minster of Culture and Art the first museum in the city’s history was founded. At first the seat was in right wing of Branicki Palace, then in Guest Palace by Kiliński Street. In 1958 Regional Museum in Białystok received a new seat – restored City Hall from XVIII century. Andrzej Lechowski is the director of museum.
Main Seat of Podlaskie Museum in Białystok
City Hall, Kościuszki Square 10, 15-426 Białystok
Secretary – tel. 85 740 77 31, cell 509 336 930

Permanent Exhibition:
Polish Painting Gallery
Permanent exhibition consists of over 120 works of greatest polish painters and working in Poland foreign artists, creating in last 250 years. It is also a representative outlook at painting, illustrated by artists such as: Marcello Bacciarelli, Jan Chrzciciel Lampi, Józef Grassi, Michal Bogoria Skotnicki, Piotr Michałowski. Important is a group of paintings related to artists employed by Jan Klemens Branicki. The main decoration is group of paintings of polish artists educated in Munich Academy, but the true masterpiece is “Wyjazd powozem” by Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski. Changes in art in second half of XIX century are portrayed by great paintings of Olga Boznańska and artists related to Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts: Jacek Malczewski, Stanisław Wyspiański, Julian Fałat, Jan Stanisławski and many others. Quantity of styles from beginning of XX century is presented by wors of students from so called landscape school of Jan Stanisławski, Vilnius artists or unknown phenomenon fascinating till this day – Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz.