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Księga gości

Oddział Muzeum Podlaskiego w Białymstoku

ul. Świętojańska 17, 15-277 Białystok

tel. 85 73 27 392, kom. 509 336 862


Permanent exhibitions:
Alfons Karny “Opus Vitae”
The exhibition presents artistic accomplishments of Alfons Karny, one of the greatest polish sculptors of XX century. Karny specialised in portrait sculpture. His heritage consists of over 600 catalogued works. The artist was often rewarded in Polish and European contests and exhibitions. He was born in Białystok on 14 November 1901, but his working years spent in Warsaw. Despite living in Warsaw he never broke the ties with his home city – from 1974 he became its Honourable Citizen. He dreamt of a museum for his works that could show his work and allow him to symbolically return home. The idea was only realised in 1993, after Karny’s death.