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Pomnik ku czci żołnierzy Armii Krajowej


Memorial for the soldiers of Home Army. Monument is a spiral obelisk as a tribute to three districts of Home Army: Białystok’s, Nowogród’s and Vilnius’. Massive repercussions from soviets in Białystok in 1939 deorganised upcoming underground army. Only in 1941 Union of Armed Struggle rebuilt its ranks and reformed in 1942 into Home Army. Białystok city district was divided into 16 outposts with almost a thousand officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers.
Rising around the occupied country Home Army in Białystok was mostly doing secret service and counterespionage missions and secret learning organisation?
Among all the missions, the most known was probably the burning of Arbaitsamt office. Thanks to that a lot of citizens avoided deportation into the Reich. Greater problems started after the Red Army came. In August 1944 mass arrests and repression were performed. Show trials were also performed around city to break any resistance to the new and just authority.