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Father Jerzy Popiełuszko Memorial

Jerzy Popiełuszko was a son of this grounds, murdered by the authorities of Peoples Rupublick of Poland in 1984. Memorial was made as a tribute to the priest in 1991. As memorial’s sign says, on 5 June 1991 Pope John Paul II during his visit in Białystok blessed this monument and prayed in this spot. Jerzy Popiełuszko was born and raised in Okopy village near Suchowola, a place that was marked in XVIII as the middle of Europe. After finishing his studies and receiving his ordination he worked in Ząbki, Anina and Warsaw’s Żoliborz.
After the Martial law was declared he organised help for internees and since 1982 celebrated masses for Homeland during which he preached patriotism. The preaches were heard all around Poland and was very unpopular with authorities. This young, modest and inconspicuous priest suddenly became a threat to People’s Republic of Poland government. For his actions he was harassed and after several attempts finally on 19 October 1984 was brutally murdered. His body was brought to Białystok to Department of Forensic Medicine where the autopsy was to be performed. A fact that an unsuccessful attempt to move the body quietly to Warsaw happened did not stay hidden for long. Citizens of Białystok gathered in crowds to say goodbye and the funeral became a patriotic statement. The writing behind the character on the left says “Overcome evil with good” – a quote from one of priests’ preaches and Pope John Paul II message to people “So the good comes out of this death”.”.