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Skete by Narew in Ordynki

Nearby Narew in Ordynki there is a hermitage which was created due to revelation that duke Iwan Wiśniowiecki experienced here in XVI. If we want to help our health and troubled nerves in a unconventional way, you should visit this place by some called magical.
Creation of the heritage of saint Antoni and Teodozjusz Pieczerski relates to the times of Ascension Monastery in Błudowska Forest. In 1518 duke Iwan Michałowicz Wiśniowiecki was crossing Narew river on raft on his way to Vilnius when he saw light in front of St. Antoni Pieczerski icon. Taking this for God’s sign he founded a wooden chapel nearby. This event most likely took place where Olszanica river enters Narew, near settlement called Kudok, overgrown with old oaks. Ascension monastery was built on the area of old Błudowska Forest which met Lacka Forest near Ordynki village. On 8 June 1574, Fiodor Massalski, Grodno marshal and Supraśl Monastery Superior founded a chapel, that became the beginning of hermitage in area where duke Iwan Michałowicz Wiśniowiecki met wonderful icon of St. Antoni Pieczerski in 1518.
Currently, following monks from Ławra supraska from XVI century , the tradition of monastery life is rebuilt by archimandrite Gabriel (Giba). For many years already father Gabriel uses herbalism to treat. His adventure with nature and healing properties of herbs started in early youth and survived until this day. When he became monk it turned out that he can use his knowledge to help people.