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Księga gości

Sacred springs

There is a belief that the sickness can also be cured by water from sacred spring of “Krynoczki” located by the orthodox church in the very heart of Białowieża Forest. People from far away are coming here to participate in mass and the blessing of water. Orthodox priest performing the mass immerses a cross in a bucket of water from the spring “Krynoczki”, lifts it and people catch dropping water into cups and jars, on tissues. Those that did not manage to catch anything have to be satisfied with water from well or tap which are also full of holy water. Pilgrims drink it and wash with it their faces, hands, legs and sick places. Then they dry it with tissues, that are later hanged on lines around church or nearby crosses. The sicknesses are supposed to be left on them.


According to the believers from Podlachia, sickness can also be rid of on the way to holy mountain – Garbarka – where you pilgrimage to pray among thousands of stuck in ground crosses, put there your own brought in a specific intention. To do this one must wash yourself with water from the spring then dry yourself with a tissue and leave it on the side. Similar faith accompanies catholic pilgrims to Częstochowa every year. Those beliefs are a connection of deep faith and the respect for unknown and unexplained and are not characteristic to Podlachia only, they are sometimes the extension of life, hope.
Symbolic character has the colour of the temple. So if the orthodox church is dedicated to Virgin Mary or Archangel Michael it is blue. Green colour is related to Holy Spirit and brown is dedicated to martyrs.