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Księga gości


Trześcianka formerly Trościanica is a village and one of the best preserved linear settlement example. Linear settlement is a compact construction of buildings on both sides of the street with characteristic way of building houses with tops toward road. Those kind of villages are parallel to each other or lay along same long road. They were commonly made in XVI century due to volok reform began on king Zygmunt Stary and queen Bona orders.
It worth of mentioning about farm buildings that consisted of two or more buildings and were placed deeper inside the habitat, barn was always located across homestead. Along habitat on one or both sides other buildings were placed: pigsties, stables, barns.
Very important element of farmhouses in Podlachia are gardens located in front of the building from the road side. Mandatory part of those villages were always trees that were not only decoration but also and maybe primarily protection and use.