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Księga gości

Bison the King of Białowieża Forest

The fame of Białowieża forest is long beside Polish borders and reached furthest corners of the world. The forest is mainly a natural woodland and the king of the forest – Bison. Bison in the past without any constrains run across European forests from Atlantic Ocean all the way to Caucasus. Currently all bison in the world come from Białowieża. You can find them in Spain, Holland or Germany. Animals therefore good promotion for Poland and the export of Bison is always joined by events promoting Białowieża National Park and Podlachia. Bison is one of the most recognisable symbols of Poland in the world.

Bison (latin Bison bonasus) is the largest living European mammal. The animal fascinates and amazes, for it and its natural habitat many tourists visit Białowieża Forest. The weight of adult males varies from 440 kg to 920 kg. Its height in skein reaches 188 cm. Bulls are characterised by rather big disproportion between huge front of the body and rather small back. Cows are smaller, their weight varies from 320 to 640 kg and they have less developed front of the body. Bison’s body is covered in fawn-brown fur, perfectly blending in with surroundings. Front of the body is covered in lnger hair that at the lower part of the neck make so called beard. The hair on rump are short. On both genders’ heads are highly embedded horns. The end of horns in adult females are bent inwards more than in males. Calves have ginger fur when born and are rather small – from 16 kg to 35 kg. Despite the weight and size it reaches it can run with the speed of 40km/h and without any problems jump over a stream and even a 1,5 meters high fence. In one day it can run over 10 km.