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Księga gości

The legend of Białystok’s creation is connected to Biała river and a Lithuanian character of prince Diedymin, who ruled Lithuania in 1316-1341. If the legend is to be believed, the settlement in place of current city was created in 1320.

In 1920 on the balcony a proclamation of 17th republic was made by representatives of Temporary Revolutionary Committee announcing: “Manifesto to polish working people of cities and villages”.

During Second World War on 15 September 1939 Nazi forces entered Białystok. Since the German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 Białystok was a major hub for refugees from central Poland.

Average age of marriage for men was 25-29 and 20-25 for women. Normally groom was older or ever much older than his bride. Sometimes it happened that old man would stand beside his very young bride.

Jan Klemens Branicki was the owner of 12 towns, 257 villages and 17 palaces. In 1708 he left France came back to the coutry because of his father Stefan Mikołaj Branicki death.

It was a common tradition that before Turkish representative would have the first audience with the king he would have to officially visit Great Crown Hetman. Part of hetman responsibilities was to appoint osculation and military squad and to take care of the delegation’s spending and needs in the country.

The initiative to build hotel came from Russian and French financiers. Carl Ritz agreed to brand this undertaking with his name. At that time Ritz already had a network of similar hotels in Europe’s biggest cities. It was a synonym of luxury in hotel industry.

Izabela (of house Poniatowski) Branicka (1730-1808), Great Crown Hetman’s wife, royal sister, almost 60 years so almost her entire life had she tied to Podlachia Versailes. Without her own will she was brought into political intrigues of political camp so called “Familia” Czartoryski and the enlightenment age conventions.

Branicki family coat of arms Gryphon comes from Branica and Ruszcza near Cracow. In middle ages and the beginning of modern times Branicki family advanced step by step their career taking over castellan and provincial governor’s offices in Lesser Poland

When it comes to architecture project contests Białystok has a quite interesting historic experience. On 14 April 1926 a contest for “the construction of Divine Providence Temple in Białystok for 3000 people” was declared. The contest was about the church on St. Roch’s hill