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Księga gości

Not many regions have gathered so many superstitions as Podlachia had. It is a remainder of old Yotvingians, Lithuanians formerly living here and that what Russia brought from East and what Poland brought from West, everything is mixed here and still lives in people’s minds.

There is a belief that the sickness can also be cured by water from sacred spring of “Krynoczki” located by the orthodox church in the very heart of Białowieża Forest. People from far away are coming here to participate in mass and the blessing of water.

Podlachia has something unique, what you won’t find in other regions of Poland – that is indescribable nostalgia, spirit warming atmosphere. Whenever we go for a bike hike or walk on foot we can experience those feelings.

Fat, a lot and meaty – those are synonyms of polish cuisine of nobility and magnates. Dishes on sarmatian tables were typical polish dishes but also dishes inspired by oriental cuisine. Rather cold climate and hard physical work formed polish cuisine.