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Księga gości

Jan Klemmens Branicki had an enormous influence on development of XVIII century Białystok. Nothing is known about his political or military achievments. Despite that he reached the highest honours receiving the title of Mace of Great Crown Hetman and Cracow Castellan what gave him the prime seat in senate.

While still young he spent few years studying in France. His father cared about his universal education but still destined him for military. At the age of 19 comes back to Poland due to the death of Stefan Mikołaj Branicki, Podlachia provincial governor.

An open mouth, pendulous abdomen, protruding eyes – this is how the pictures portray dog “Kawelin” made in 1936 by Piotr Sawicki, later Białystok Puppet Theatre creator’s father.

Wąsowiczowa of house Tyszkiewicz, primo voto Potocka Anna (1779-1867), diarist. She was a granddaughter of royal brother Kazimierz Poniatowski, her childhood spent in Białystok at her great-aunt, royal sister, Izabela of house Poniatowska Branicka