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Księga gości

The village of Kuriany was mentioned in documents already in 1674, its name comes from belarussian Kurian – a non-crowing rooster.

The name Zwierki comes from Russian zwier meaning an animal. The village lies near swamps where two rivers start Turoślanka and Czaplinianka. Fomerly it was a typical “linear” village with buildings on both sides of the road.

The town lies 19 km to south-east from Białystok. It is located upon small river Melecinka today Rudnica and counts 2500 inhabitants. The name derives from “za Błudowską Puszczą” (behind the Błudowska Forest).

Trześcianka formerly Trościanica is a village and one of the best preserved linear settlement example. Linear settlement is a compact construction of buildings on both sides of the street with characteristic way of building houses with tops toward road.

Ancuty are an old boyar village (old Russian poor nobility) placed on the edge of boggy valley of Narew. Along with neighbouring villages of Rohozy and Iwanki belonged to rulers of Bielski castle and the inhabitants were obligated to always stay in touch, they were so called “Caretaker villages of putny boyars”

This terrain of oldest settlements which is confirmed by archeologic research in kurhany and grodzisk. The town was founded by the crossing place on Narew river, on the trading route from Mazovia to Vilnius and further to Moscow.

Łosinka – a village, which basically is no different from any other on Podlachia. The focus is however on wooden orthodox church seen on the right side of road. It’s one of the pearls on podlschia sacral architecture route.

Hajnówka as a small settlement started to change into a town after First World War along the development of wood industry. The time of truly fast growth came however in 70’s of XX century.

Białowieża Forest is a place where not the man is most important but the nature, which was and is the most important for the man. It is the world of no rush, noise or stress, but a place of peace and harmony that being close with nature brings.