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Księga gości

Knyszyńska Forest is located in North-eastern Poland in Podlaskie Voivodeship. It is one of the last regions in Europe with relatively untainted nature. At the same time it is one of the largest forest complexes in Poland. Knyszyńska forest is a large forest complex with conifers dominance. This region specific is about great part that Norway Spruce takes in the forest. The symbol of the forest is the pine of supraski ecotype, also called mast.
Knyszyńska Forest is also characterised by a big number of streams and small rivers, as well as springs and exudations. The largest rivers are: Supraśl and Nietupa. The forest is a long time refuge for animals where next to moose, deer, roe, boar, badger, beaver you can find rare species like lynx, wolf or bison. The peculiarity of Knyszyńska Forest is a picturesque and divers landscape. The highest elevation point is St.John Mountain reaching 214 m above sea level, located around 1 km to the north from Królowy Most settlement.
Region of Knyszyńska Forest is covered in effective nature protection programmes. One of them is created in 1988 Landscape Park of Knyszyńska Forest. Beside that there are 21 nature reserves in the forest.
Knyszyńska Forest is a great place for rest. In the Park there are many tourist pathways to walk, cycle or ride a horse. The paths lead near many old trees with hanging chapels from many years ago. Thanks to them a lot of great trees in the forest were not cut down. Average age of the trees is 50-60 years old. The oldest tree in the Knyszyńska forest is English Oak. Its age is estimated to be around 470 years. It grows on a field by a stream nearby a village of Dworzysk. The thickest lime grows in Suchy Hrud and its circumference at the height of 130 cm is 720cm.
Not to endanger Knyszyńska Forest sensitive values a tourist infrastructure was created that consists of numerous pathways, viewpoints, benches, tables and information signs. This rich infrastructure allows to get to know the beautiful nature of the forest in an attractive and safe way. Spending time out, with nature is not only a pleasure. More and more often finding your own place in nature helps you in fighting stress, to overcome problems and also stimulates creativity. Tourist with each visit discovers new values in Knyszyńska Forest and explores it anew. Knyszyńska forest welcomes you at any time of the year.