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Księga gości

Biebrzański National Park is the biggest National Park in Poland and one of the largest in Europe when it comes to area. It is located in north-eastern Poland, between Łomża and Augustów towns. The protection covers almost entirety of Biebrza River with valley all the way to Narew. Park was created in 1993. The goal of the park is the protection of vast Peatbogs of Biebrza Valley and small part of Sokólskie Hills with total area of 59 223 ha. The most valuable parts of the park are the wide valley of natural Biebrza. Along heavily meandering River Biebrza there is the largest peatbog complex in Poland, called Biebrza Swamps. They create a unique mosaic of wetland habitats, which preserved rare plant, bird and animal species. Biebrza Swamps are considered one of the most important in country and Central Europe bird refuge for water-mud oriented birds.
Biebrza National Park encourages to discover the nature through tourist pathways. On the park area there are 457,7 km of paths, including canoeing, cycling, walking, horse riding and educational paths. The paths have numerous towers, viewpoints and footbridges for tourists.
One of the most important monument in Biebrza National Park is Osowiec Fortress. It was built in second half of XIX century as a typical blocking fortress. It was built during one of Biebrza Swamp expeditions, on 2 km narrowing of the valley. It consists of 4 forts: Fort I (central), Fort II (Riverback), Fort III (Swedish) and Fort IV (New). Currently only two are used – Central and Swedish. Other Forts were destroyed during wars. The central fort is currently a Museum Of Osowiec Fortress. Next monument in Biebrza National Park is Augustów Canal (1824-1839), which flows through Polkowo and Dębowo. The lock in Dębowo (1826-1827) allows to sail from Biebrza to Canal.
Biebrzański National Park is available not only to avid nature lovers. This place is worth of coming with family and kids to see the beauty of nature and the charm of Biebrza landscape.