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PENTOWO – European Village of Stork
Not far from Tykocin in Podlaskie Voivodeship, there is a small village called Pentowo. It consists of merely one household, which includes a pretty noble mansion with outbuildings. It has been owned by the same family for over a hundred years. Main owners and the masters of the village are however the storks. In Pentowo you can count up to 20 nests on a quite small area. It is one of those not many places where there are more storks than households.
Thanks to two towers built on Pentowo area, nature lovers can observe both storks feeding grounds and nests. Additional attraction is “Stork Gallery” that offers souvenirs, postcards and guides. Thanks to the existence of the biggest colony of White Stork the place has become a valuable naturally and educationally.
The raise in attractiveness of the village started after a terrible hurricane in 1991, when storks started building nests on broken trees. Most of them was however placed to loose and soon they started to scatter. Thanks to the help and financial support of Polish Bird Protection Company nests were restored and year after year their number grows. The charm is magnified by the location of the village near Narew marshes. The neighbouring swamps and oxbow lakes offer a great source of food, which allows stork families to avoid food problems.
Due to the great number of white storks in Pentowo in 2001 German Foundation of European Nature Heritage EURONATUR gave the village the title of “European Stork Village”. The title is given since 1994 and every country can only have 1 tittle place.