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Księga gości

Artificial water reservoir Siemianówka, called also Siemianówka Lagoon, Siemianówka Lake or even Podlachia sea is located in the cleanest part of Poland, at the edge of Białowieża Forest, on the area of Narewka and Michałowo municipalities. It was created in stages in 1977-1990.
Currently Siemianówka Lagoon and the surroundings are very attractive to fishermen, turists, mushroom amateurs and all those who look for contact with untainted nature. By the lagoon there is a water equipment rental office, it is the closets recreational place for Białystok of this size. The area of lagoon is 3250 ha – it is bigger than Wigry Lake by over 1000 ha. The reservoir is considered to the largest in the country. Located in cleanest part at the edge of Białowieża Forest. Filled by Narew River without any pollution. In this ecologically clean region of Green Lungs of Poland one can find anything needed for rest: clean air, clean water and the rustle of Białowieża Oaks.
Siemianówka Lagoon is a perfect spot for active people, fishermen, nature lovers, families with children, citizens of Białystok and others. Barely an hour with a car and we can leave the noise of city behind us and relax by the beautiful Siemianowkie Lake.
Lagoon, beside being the tourist-recreational destination can also fulfil few other functions: in the periods of niżówka (the time of lower water levels in rivers and lakes) it can supply Narwiański National Park with water, it can water farmlands in Narew valley and the object Wizna Swamp. Above that it is important for accumulation of water for energetic purpose and to manage an organised fishery.
Fans of nature will find here amazing beauty of surrounding nature. The valley of Upper Narew anlong with Siemianówka is an unique place due to its location and natural resources. The wealth and diversity of nature is owed to the proximity to Białowieża Forest.
The surroundings of Siemianówka Reservoir is a refuge for moose, European deer, Roe, Wild Boar, Fox and Bisons at the southern border. Siemianówka Lagoon is also a place for water birds. Surroundings of lagoon are a paradise to ornithologists and amateurs that is all those who love nature. Most common birds in that region are black-headed gull, Eurasian coot, black tern and out of duck family, tufted duck and mallard.
All who come here looking for this nature treasures or peace and rest will not be disappointed. Siemianówka Lagoon is visited by tourists from all over Europe looking for untainted nature, rare plants, birds and animals, such as bison.
Surroundings of Siemianówka are the place where you could still see haystacks, bróg and mowing with hay, fields and meadow perch homesteads and many more interesting, disappearing elements of folk landscape.