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Podlachia is a region that unlike any other is full of countless nature resources. Wonderful and unique nature is characteristic to this region.
When planning your stay in Podlachia, we want to make nature the basic reason to visit Podlachia grounds.
For ages it has been known that nature and natural environment was and is a necessary part of human existence. In his novel “Chłopi” Władysław Reymont wonderfully characterised the role of nature in human life. Main character Maciej Boryna knew very well that his work and life must be in harmony with earth and is subjected to changes just as surrounding nature changes in depending on seasons.
This surrounding nature has forever helped man to survived the hardest times, was a shelter and provided with food. Today nature is a calming and resting place for those who love nature and want for a moment to escape city’s noise and fast life. Modern civilisation sometimes forgets about the nature and its meaning to men, that next to it we’re small and should be humble.
The government tries to help protecting nature by creating National Parks and Landscape Parks.
National Parks are created on areas of unique natural value with the purpose of preserving them and nature’s biodiversity incl. natural resources, nature creations and unanimated nature parts and many valuable landscapes.
It is worth of mentioning that polish national parks cover a very small part of our country that is barely 1% of its area.
When it comes to Podlaskie Voivodeship’s statistics, around 20% of its area consists of protected green areas. Within its borders there are 4 out of 23 total National Parks including the oldest one – Białowieski National Park and the largest in protected area – Biebrzeński National Park. This voivoeship also includes “Polish Amazonia” because that how Narew’s meanders within Narwiański National Park are called and charming place which is Wigierski National Park. Beside National Parks Podlachia grounds can be proud of its quite big Landscape Parks complexes such as: Landscape Park of Knyszyńka Forest, Suwalski Landscape Park and great area of Augustów Forest.