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Why Podlasie?

Podlasie today is the history, tradition and modernity. It is surprising how those elements wonderfully blend together. It also has a wonderful, beautiful city the voivodeship’s capital Białystok.

Podlasie –  taking into account the voivodeship at present is one of the most beautiful and unique regions of Poland. This is the place which maintained a lot of it’s traditional, idyllic, homely landscape. Podlasie offers fascinating monuments, nature and idyllic landscape, the elements that fade away in other parts of our country. To this day natural landscapes, forests, lakes and rivers valleys were kept. Additionally we need to stress, that geographical and historical conditions made this voivodeship a place of many nationalities and cultures. It is the most diverse region in Poland. Over the centuries a specific cultural landscape was formed here, characterised by its diverse beliefs and wealth of traditions and rites. For ages Poles, Belarusians, Tatars, Russians and Jews were and still are living here together. Podlasie is foremost it’s welcoming and friendly people. That is why it is worth it to visit and get to know this specific region and its biggest attractions both cultural and natural.