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Księga gości

Wigierski National Park was founded in 1989. It area is equal to 14 956 ha. This park is stands out from others by a great variety of water ecosystems. Almost entire area of Wigierski National Park lays in the basin of Czarna Hańcza river. Wigry is the largest lake in the park. The symbol and characteristic animal in the park is beaver. The landscape of Wigierski National Park was formed few thousand years ago by Scandinavian glacier. The landscape is diverse with unique beauty, preserving great natural and aesthetic values. The area of Wigierski National Park is located at around 125-183 meters above sea level. The landscape is decorated by moraine hills. The mosaic of forests, lakes, fields and meadows in open, folded land is a great treasure that should be protected.
Kamedulu monastery complex from XVII is another attraction in the park. Currently in the object there is a House of Creative Work of Ministry of Culture and Art and the museum of Pope John Paul II visit to Wigry.
Wigierski National Park is a for active people, who enjoy peace and silence and the contact with nature.